1. Can Physical Therapy Really Help Your Back Pain?

    If you are suffering from back pain the thought of dangerous back surgeries with long recovery times can be extremely scary. Thankfully, chronic back pain is now more frequently being treated with physical therapy. This alternative is far more safe and far less expensive than any other methods promising to absolve you from the constant aching in your back. Often when an injury occurs in the back, …Read More

  2. Don’t Ignore Your Back Pain

    We know back pain can be excruciating and truly can keep you from doing so many of the simplest things. If you are attributing your back pain to the scapegoat of getting older you are not doing yourself any favors. Aging, although limiting in some aspects(you can’t quite do the splits anymore, can you?) should not be causing you immense pain in any manor. There are things however, that you may b…Read More