Lipotropic injections include the vitamin B12 and essential amino acids. B12, a water-soluable vitamin, can be difficult to absorb through a normal diet, especially if you have any digestive or intestinal issues. This is why injecting B12 can be so effective because it goes directly into your bloodstream and thereby bypasses the gut and potential absorption barriers. B12 helps the body maintain healthy nerve cells and aid iron to function properly. Therefore, B12 can assist the body to control mood and maintain immune function. Patients also report increased energy, improved sleep and overall healthy effect.

The essential amino acids included in the Lipotropic injections are choline, inositol and methionine. They help the liver metabolize fats more efficiently which aids in increased fat metabolism. This can also deter fat from depositing on arterial walls.

The combination of B12 plus amino acids produces a powerful mix in our medical weight loss program. We love that these are natural substances that can help our patients lose weight, get more energy and become healthier. Although these shots have amazing benefits, they are not a “magic bullet”. So, when you add Lipotropic injections to exercise and eating right, the results can be amazing!