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Most headaches originate from the neck, hence the term “Cervico-genis Headaches”. Other headaches may originate from a broad spectrum of conditions like blood sugar imbalance, hormonal changes, vision, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal glands fatigue, high blood pressure, etc. One of the more exciting solutions available in the past couple of years. With a very high success rate, involves a painless medical procedure called “Spheno-Palatine Ganglion nerve Block”. This simple procedure involves numbing the ganglion, getting rid of most headaches and migraines. It only takes a few minutes, it is painless, without any side effects, does not affect the entire busy (since we are avoiding the oral route). Patients report a reduction in their headache intensity from a “10” to a “2”, or completely getting rid of the headache within a couple minutes. When the protocol is followed the way it is prescribed, many patients report back complete remission of their headaches for months without recurrence.

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Joint Fluid Therapy is the world’s most prescribed joint fluid therapy: more than 143 million injections worldwide! Hyaluronan is a Natural substance found in your joint cartilage and in the synovial fluid that fills your joints. In the knee joint hyaluronan acts like a lubricant and a cushion in the knees. Our Injections is the solution of hyaluronan. Without it, you experience the pain of osteoarthritis as your joints wears out. It is effective in treating pain and as safe to use as a placebo.

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Medical And Chiropractic Treatments in Simi Valley

The primary focus of our clinic is the non-surgical treatment of serious chronic lower back and neck pain. In addition, we effectively treat acute back injuries. The foundation of our state of the art care is built around a medical team approach – we combine medical doctors, physician assistants, chiropractors, and rehab assistants to properly care for your injuries and help get you back to your life. Our integrated medical team approach is for the treatment of back and neck pain due to: – Herniated/Bulging Spinal Discs – Lower Back Pain – Neck Pain – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Sciatic Leg Pain – Knee Pain & Arthritis – Personal Injuries – Auto Accidents – Post Back Surgery Pain – Sports and Athletic Injuries Superior Physical Medicine offers you the most advanced medical technology in a private clinic setting.


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