Superior Physical Medicine

We incorporate muscle work, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and proprioceptive rebalancing to enhance our chiropractic treatments and non-surgical spinal decompression (NSSD). This gives our patients the best results in the shortest amount of time. Each case is treated with an individual therapy and rehab program to fit each patient’s specific needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable therapy and rehab staff, led by our associate doctor of chiropractic, follow out the doctors prescribed regimens and help guide each patient through their program for maximum benefit.

A unique feature of our therapy and rehab department is the use of the Core Spinal Fitness Lumbar Strength Machine (Lumbar MedX). This specialized machine isolates the lower back muscles so they can be strengthened and reconditioned. The MedX is part of our proprietary therapy program to help patients decrease pain, aid in disc hydration and even prevent future lower back injuries.

In addition, our proprietary therapy and rehab program utilizes electric muscle stimulation (e-stim), cryotherapy, as well as prepares patients for a HEP (home exercise program) they can use to continue self-care at the comfort of their own home. We also are equipped to fit custom orthotics to patients using our 3DO weight bearing imaging technology.


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The science of chiropractic care has advanced to the point where we are able to perform specific yet gentle adjustments that provide the results you want with minimal force used

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Modern medicine has improve dramatically over the years. New techniques and technology has allowed modern doctors to treat conditions, aches and pains they never thought possible.

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Don't settle for doctors who only treat one part of the problem. Our staff has over 30 years combined experience and will provide you with a complete solution to your ailments.

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